Customizing your car

Updating your car’s look might sound expensive and time-consuming. But with careful planning, you can get the best result with reasonable price and time.

First, you need to prioritize whether you want to improve your car’s exterior or interior appearance. Improvement for both will cost you more, especially if you afford them at once. Think of how long you can afford to go doing your regular activities without your car. If you need it on a daily basis, then three weeks of a makeover is not an option.

Simple auto-customization

By simple, it means that the process is not time-consuming and wallet-draining. Go for restoration purpose customization first, before you think of the others. Start from the interior, and carefully observe the cracks on the leather covering or torn part of the upholstery.

Think of the theme of your car’s new look. Vintage and classy look relies on leather, while the modern and techy style relies on the plastic material. Then consult your idea with a professional upholsterer.

dfd45345There is also an option for coating customization if you want to look more modern and techy. Applying Vital Hydrographic on your steering wheel, or gear-shifting knob, with neon-light colored patterns of lightning or electrical circuit, can achieve the style. Or, you can be as creative as possible with the design and the theme of your own.

For the exterior, choose for paint-detailing first. If you decide to re-paint the whole parts, you need to avoid yellow and red. Yellow attracts bugs, and police officers commonly associate red with speed. Unless you intentionally go for red, black is safer.

Vinyl overlaying on the headlights and taillights can give your car an entirely new nuance. This customization is very affordable and easy.

Extreme makeover

The rule is still the same; you need to think of what modification you want to have in your car’s interior. Vintage style is technically more practical to achieve since appearance is what matters.

sss1213Changing the seat cover with stiched-leather brings back the look of the good old look of muscle cars. Leather material is also an option for your dashboard cover. Make sure to apply only two colors for your interior design. Having three or more colors is just not classy at all, but more like eccentric.

For modern style, there are varieties of steering available. Aircraft, racing, or formula style steering wheel, combined with dials and gauges on the dashboard can achieve the futuristic look of your car.

Audio-system upgrades

For a vintage look, custom shops are selling classic-looking auto stereos. Go vintage for the look, but not on the sound quality. Your car’s trunk is the best place for the speakers. Try to hide them from having too many speakers on the inside of the vehicle. It will ruin the vintage look.

ppp0129For techy look, you need an audio system that can exaggerate the look. Having a touch-screen audio-player on the dashboard, LED decorated speakers, and big subwoofers can attain for the style.


Merits of hiring a party bus rental

The party culture is dynamic, and it continues to thrive through innovation and creativity. Once in a while, we all need to unwind and party with friends and family. Partying is a form of celebration of life and the people around you.  The dynamism of the culture has seen the evolution of party buses, and over time the buses have become very sophisticated and exquisite.

For a night out, revelers have adduced several advantages of using rental party buses, and they are elucidated as follows;


If there is one thing that party-goers agree on, it is the importance of sticking together as a group throughout the night. A split could lead to massive inconveniences or even accidents. Therefore in order to keep the mood upbeat and maintain cohesiveness, it is recommended that you hire a party bus that is big enough to accommodate your close friends and family. Party buses can accommodate over 14 revelers, and in this regard, a good rental service will offer a variety of options to choose from.


This is arguably the most important function that is discharged through the hiring of a party bus. Nights out are synonymous with heavy drinking and drugs, and therefore it is prudent for revelers seek all the safest options available. Ideal luxury transport services offer drivers and a crew that will take the best care of the passengers therein. Dangerous driving is prohibited, and guilty revelers are legally liable to penalties and fines.

Cost effective

Collectively it is cheaper using party bus rental than incurring the costs individually. Taxi services do not even come close to such services in terms of the costs incurred. Also, Party bus rental services have additional services like music and drinks.

Party atmosphere

It is crucial that revelers keep an upbeat mood throughout the night and in this regard, a party bus is well equipped to create the party atmosphere as required. The best buses have a dance floor, party music, light shows, lasers and the big screens. Such an environment will keep the partygoers thrilled and duly entertained as they move to the next location.

VIP service

Glamour and vanity are aspects of a fun night out, and bus party rental services will guarantee that you enjoy such treatment. The crew is professional and trained to accord passengers the best entrances to the best hangouts in town.

Tips for hiring limousine service

Several companies offer limo services. However getting to select the best service provider can be challenging. For such a scenario there are ways in which you can narrow down the companies and get to choose the best company that suits your needs and desires. Below are the tips that you can use when choosing limo services.


In most cases, experience or longevity in a profession means that you are in a position to tackle bigger challenges that may come in that particular discipline. Subsequently, when you are looking for a company to offer limo services, it is a good idea to look at the period in which the firm has been in business. Companies like http://www.mk-limo.com have several years of experience in the transport sector and will thereby be a good choice to consider. This is because they have known the challenges in the transport sector and incase of any can handle it well.

Fleet size of the company

To know that a company will provide nice services, you can check their fleet size. This simply means that you should check if there is a variety of vehicles in the company. This means that you ought to inquire whether they have enough cars to cater to inevitable mishaps. Imagine a case where the limo breaks down the company should be in a position to give you alternative options so that you don’t get stranded.

Check for safety

It is really vital to check for the safety measures and procedures that the limo company offers. For any limo that you are going to hire ensure that the firm has a certificate that is valid. Check also if they have a guarantee of being liable by having insurance for such. Remember to also if their limos are inspected and if their staffs are well trained.

Inquire the rental costs

This is a pronounced issue to inquire. When seeking limo services ensure the company gives you all inclusions in the quotation that they present to you. This is because at times most companies will give you separate charges like gratuity of the driver, costs of administration, toll and fuel surcharges. These should be added to your base rate so as you are able to determine whether you will work with the figures they give you.

Check the limo in person

As much as you can get services of a limo online, it is advisable that you make time and visit the company to confirm what they will be giving you. This will ensure that you do not encounter last minute surprises and inconveniences.